Christy & Randy Moore

  • LOCATION: Olivette area of St. Louis County
  • A cottage style house with a mostly perennial native front and backyard.
  • Using Adelman and Schwartz Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees as a guide to replace the non-natives with their native counterparts.
  • The pin oaks are slowly being replaced by hardier but still native oaks.
  • SILVER certified in St. Louis Audubon Bring Conservation Home program.
  • Small water feature to support birds and amphibians.

Shortly after moving into their house six years ago, Randy and Christy started improving their backyard. Christy’s science teacher background meant she was very committed to converting to native plants. They contacted Chuck Caverly at Native Landscape Solutions for ideas and help with the install. Budget constraints meant starting with smaller plants than they would have liked, and fending off the deer and bunnies felt like a full time job in the first year.

Once the backyard was established, they turned their attention to the front. After contacting city officials to be sure there was no minimum lawn coverage requirement, the front yard was converted to fully native. Various paths wind around allowing the viewer to take in the stands of Geranium, Penstemon, Lobelia, Amsonia, Zizia, Iris, and Helenium among the more than 40 species of grasses, sedges and perennial flowers.