Ellen & Art Hartz

The front yard of our University City cottage occupies less than 1/10th acre. All the turf grass was removed and replanted in 2013 with at least 50 different native forb and grass species, including six different milkweeds. We have plants blooming from early spring through December. Our sump pump empties into a tiny area planted with species that like their roots damp. Our back yard includes a small flock of free-range chickens and three beehives.

Journal notes: 1 hour sitting on the porch drinking tea on July 24, 2020

  • Bumblebees foraging on everything.
  • Saw a bumblebee poop while foraging on the phlox!
  • Honeybees foraging. 
  • Hummingbird foraging on zinnias 4 feet away from my chair.
  • Native bees foraging on zinnias.
  • Wasp getting water at little bird bath.
  • Flock of Goldfinches eating bee balm and coneflower seeds.
  • Four species of blazing star about to bloom.
  • Rough legged hawk, we think, flying overhead.
  • Black swallowtail laying eggs on the parsley and foraging on the phlox.
  • Cabbage white and sulfur butterflies foraging on the flowers.
  • Unidentified (of course!) small black and orange and white butterfly. Plus Another little black one. And a tiny orange and black speckled one.
  • Twelve different species of native plants currently in-bloom.
  • Monarch visiting the milkweed.