Jan Ward

  • LOCATION: Fenton, Missouri
  • Shady slope. Sunny spaces for pollinators. Landscaping for water runoff.
  • Numerous water features provide essential support for birds and other wildlife.
  • GOLD certified in St. Louis Audubon Bring Conservation Home program.

Jan’s yard has several different growing environments ranging from sunny and dry to shady and damp with a small glade and an unruly hill in the middle. While challenging enough, she also wants at least the front yard to look neat to show how natives can be used in a traditional landscaping approach.

Jan gardens for birds, butterflies and our native bees, choosing plants that feed, host, or protect them. The spring ephemerals provide an early source of nectar and pollen, numerous plants feed them during the summer, and the seeds left on the plants provide food for fall and winter.

Jan reports there always seems to be something exciting going on in her yard. The bluebirds, chickadees and house wrens nest in the numerous birdhouses in spring. The hungry Monarch caterpillars appear in summer. You are welcome to visit frequently and enjoy the show!

Ample parking on the street AND in the large/wide driveway.