Liz de Laperouse

  • LOCATION: Ladue, Missouri
  • Vibrant mix of native and non-native ornamental plants
  • Hardscape walkways and patios near house blend to natural surface paths beyond
  • Dynamic landscape with new native introductions and invasive plant removal in progress
  • Traditional perennial beds plus naturalized native shrub borders

Liz overhauled her entire yard after a sewer district project disrupted the east side in 2010. She hired Tyler Morgan and Mary Morgan (not related) to create a fully accessible space that invites visitors to the front door and includes wide paths leading to a front courtyard with seat walls. The path continues north to a stone patio and tiered pool. The rest of the yard was planted to attract birds and to include little grass.

In recent years, Liz has added more native plants, including bushes and trees. What grass remains is not treated with chemical pesticides. The liriope bed next to the pool is slowly being converted to vegetables and native plants. The invasive bush honeysuckle has been eliminated while the wintercreeper removal has only just begun. A spring was tapped on a neighboring property and provides water at all times along the north side of the lot; Liz has planted a number of moisture-loving natives in the northeast garden as a result.